Geokinesis Meaning and the Power of Earthbending

geokinesis meaning

Here, you’ll find out just what the geokinesis meaning is, as well as some examples of how it is claimed to be done. Geokinesis by definition is the act of manipulating the contents of the Earth by using the mind. This otherworldly skill is actually claimed to have been done by some people. However, it has never been proven to be true. Nevertheless, you can easily see the geokinesis meaning at its fullest in may comic books and movies. So, now that you have a little understanding of geokinesis, let’s now go over some examples of how it is claimed to be used. One popular geokinesis technique that is commonly used in comics and seen in various movies is that of earthquake inducement…

Having this skill allows the geokinesis user to manifest Earth-shattering earthquakes at will. Talk about leveling your opponent! Possessing such a catastrophic type of skill can be truly lethal to their adversary. Cracking the Earth beneath their opponent will easily leave them disoriented and taken by surprise.

Continental shift is another very effective and bizarre geokinesis skill to posses. Just as the name implies, the ability to manipulate tectonic plates is all but too easy for the experienced geokinesis user. This is a very useful skill to implement, especially if you are trying to flee from your opponent. Of course, the opposite can be used as well. The geokinesis user can shift an entire continent toward their geographical area to get the battle started if they so desire.

Weather generation allows for the creation of any type of weather the geokinesis user desires. If they want to manifest a horrible snow storm, a hurricane, tornadoes, tsunamis, or any other weather related catastrophe, they can easily do so. This can mean big trouble for their opponent for a plethora of reasons.

Subterranean swimming is a geokinesis technique that allows for the user to be able to “swim” through the contents of the Earth as if it where water. The term “swimming” in this context is similar to that of a vehicle. They can use the ground beneath them as a catalyst to help transport them to virtually any destination they desire. This skill is also called Earth surfing or geokinetic surfing.

Another very useful way that the concept of Earth surfing could be utilized is by means of using a boulder as a type of vehicle to transport the geokinesis user wherever they wish. Pretty much anything within the Earth can be used as a vehicle for them.

A fun skill that can also be used is by manipulating the ground beneath them to the point to where it emulates a trampoline. This can be very helpful in many different situations: For a quick getaway or to just catch their opponent off guard.

So, you now know the geokinesis meaning and some popular examples of how it can be used. You’d probably be surprised to find out just how many times that geokinesis has been used in various different comic books, TV shows, and movies.