The Geokinesis Power of Geokinetic Flight

geokinesis power

The geokinesis power of geokinetic flight allows the user to be able to use the Earth as a vehicle to glide, levitate, or take flight. Using matter in this way makes for a plethora of benefits that greatly help the user in many different ways. For one, it can be a great way to flee specific situations or to travel very far distances in very short amounts of time. Most geokinesis users are able to exercise the power of geokinetic flight. So, this is not a rare or unusual geokinesis power by no means.

So, as previously mentioned, using the Earth as a catalyst to bring you from point A to point B in virtually no time is often the goal with this technique. An example of how this geokinesis power is performed is by having the user “ride” a giant boulder in the sky to whatever destination they desire. Geokinetic flight is a very lucrative and resourceful way to fly due to the fact that the user is literally surrounded by the Earth! So, they can use virtually anything as a vehicle for flight.

Levitation is another popular usage with this geokinesis technique. This can be done for the purpose of enhancing combat and fighting skills. Having the ability to levitate on a boulder during battle, and then being able to use that boulder as a vehicle for flight makes for one intimidating individual. Depending on what the user decides to utilize as their “vehicle”, they can also use it as a means of defense as well. If they’re riding a huge boulder, then they can easily use it as a defense mechanism against unprecedented attacks.

Delving deeper in the idea of using this geokinesis power as a means of defense, it also makes for a great way to flee a situation quickly if that situation happens to get out of hand rather quickly. This is great news for the geokinesis user as they would have virtually no problem at all with using the Earth’s matter to flee the situation. This can greatly benefit them by having them use it as a protective mechanism during combat or quarrel.

A concept known as enhanced jump is also possible with this geokinesis power. This is where the user can use the earth as a sort of giant trampoline that can shoot them to very high altitudes and very far distances. This is another very effective sneak attack method one can use while battling an adversary. Enhanced jump can be used during combat offensively or defensively. It will all depend on the geokinesis user’s power and goal.

In conclusion, the geokinesis power of geokinetic flight is a pretty lucrative ability that can greatly benefit its user. From levitation to enhanced jump, it can be used in many different ways for many different purposes. It can be used during combat as a means to enhance their chances for victory or it can be used as a defense mechanism. Either way, it’s a very effective geokinesis technique that can immensely enhance the user’s overall chances for victory.