Geokinesis Real Cosmic-Earth Manipulation

geokinesis real
geokinesis real

Here, the discussion will be on geokinesis real cosmic-Earth manipulation as it relates to super beings from popular comic books and TV shows. This type of geokinesis technique allows the user to be able to manipulate all Earth-type matter that is available in space. As one can imagine, this means virtually everything in space.

From asteroids, space dust, moons, meteors, and even completely different planets, the user with this skill is truly one to be reckoned with. Below, you’ll see some key applications of this extremely effective and potent geokinesis skill.

First, let’s start off with the concept of Nebula Manipulation. This is the ability to control all matter that exists in space that relates to the matter here on Earth. Such matter can include gases, elements like helium and iron, stars, and so on. The manipulation of these objects can easily be lethal to any adversary who try’s their luck with a geokinesis real cosmic-Earth manipulator.

Depending on the power of the user, they can easily defeat enemies by maneuvering a giant star in their direction, manipulating the existence of oxygen in their vicinity, colliding planets together, and so on.

Meteor and asteroid manipulation is a common skill that these types of users take advantage of. This is for good reason. With the varied sizes of space rocks and varied weights, they can easily choose which one would be the most appropriate for the situation. A giant-heavy rock to incinerate a planet/region or a relatively smaller one to inflict immense harm to your opponent. Either way, the odds for success are very much in the favor of the geokinesis real cosmic-Earth manipulator.

Terrax from Marvel is a known user of this geokinesis technique. This character has been known many times to be able to manipulate the cosmic space around him to his advantage. Another known user of this skill is Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Taking the battle ground from Earth to the cosmos can theoretically paralyze your opponent, leaving them virtually helpless to any extraterrestrial attacks. This type of attack can leave even the most powerful of adversaries helpless to the whim of the cosmic-Earth manipulator.

Utilizing cosmic energy manipulation takes everything to another level. This allows the user to manipulate not only the celestial matter itself, but manipulate the energy to whatever shape they so desire for whatever effect they wish. Given the vast amount of energy in space, this is a very huge advantage for the manipulator. Controlling cosmic energy allows you to have a huge upper hand on any geokinesis user who doesn’t share this same skill.

So, with asteroid manipulation, meteor control, elemental control, planetary control, nebula manipulation, and cosmic energy manipulation, one can only imagine as to how these skills can mean serious trouble to their opponents. Unless their adversary also has this identical geokinesis technique, or at least similar ones, then they don’t stand much of a chance. Especially when the cosmic-Earth manipulator decides to take the battle ground out of the atmosphere and into space.


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