Geokinesis Superpower: Earth Swimming

geokinesis superpower

The geokinesis superpower known as Earth swimming is a highly effective one for the avid geokinesis user. This skill is also called ground swimming and the idea is just that. The user who possesses this geokinesis technique has the ability to move through the Earth itself as easily and fluently as if they were swimming in a pool. This geokinesis superpower has many benefits to it, which will be described in this article here.

The ability to swim through the Earth can make for a highly efficient and quick getaway if they find themselves struggling against an adversary. This will not only benefit them from fleeing the confrontational situation that they’ve found themselves in, but also by throwing off their opponent and confusing them.

Earth swimming is similar to that of burrowing. With this geokinesis superpower, the user can burrow into the Earth at whatever distance they desire. This can be used for many different reasons to benefit them in not only combat, but also with helping them to reach a specific destination quickly via tunneling through the Earth.

Back to the geokinesis superpower called Earth swimming, it can also be used as a type of sneak attack technique. Think of how some snakes in the desert shallowly bury themselves under the sand in an attempt to hide themselves from their prey. Then, when their prey appears or gets close enough to the snake, they sneak attack them! This same concept can be used with Earth swimming.

If you’d like to hide even more so than shallowly under the ground, then you’d most likely much rather the geokinesis superpower of burrowing, which we touched on earlier. Using a sneak attack with this geokinesis superpower would truly be advantageous to them. They would be able to hide out in whatever depth of the Earth’s crust that they’d desire.

This can also be used as a very useful mechanism for survival. If things above ground got too hectic and you felt as if the best way for you to survive would be that of burrowing or subterranean travel as it’s also known as, then you’d be almost guaranteed safety.

Subterranean travel is similar to Earth swimming in that you can travel throughout the Earth’s crust. This, like Earth swimming has tons of advantages that can help virtually any geokinesis user flee a dangerous situation or to perform a sneak attack effectively.

Geokinesis ranges from many different aspects of Earth manipulation. The geokinesis superpower known as Earth swimming is one that is usually overlooked. Some people may think that it isn’t very helpful or that there isn’t a lot that you can really do with it. Nevertheless, rest assured there are many different ways to use this geokinesis superpower to help you accomplish virtually whatever goal you desire.

So, the geokinesis superpower called Earth swimming has a lot of highly effective advantages to help an avid geokinesis user. This, along with subterranean travel makes for an extremely skilled geokinesis user. This will give them a lot of options that they can utilize during combat.