Geokinesis Techniques that the Best Use

geokinesis techniques
geokinesis techniques

Here, I’ll go over some key geokinesis techniques that the best use! Of the many different geokinesis techniques available to Earth benders, one of the most effective and profound is that of Elemental Generation. Just as the name implies, it is the ability to generate and manipulate any element that you so choose to manipulate. This is sometimes referred to as Elemental Energy Generation or Elemental Emission. Nevertheless, with this capability, the user would undoubtedly have complete control of all of the surroundings around them. This would be an incredible (perhaps even unfair) advantage against their opponent.

To give you an example of some elemental generation geokinesis techniques, check out these different variations to give you an idea of the diversity of this potent skill:

  1. Weather generation
  2. Sound wave generation
  3. Powder generation
  4. Magnetism generation
  5. Fire generation (heat, lava, etc.)
  6. Electromagnetism generation
  7. Earth generation (crystal, lava, metal, gold, etc.)
  8. Air generation (cold air, hot air, wind, etc.)
  9. Water generation (sleet, ice, snow, etc.)
  10. Shadow generation
  11. Plasma generation
  12. Light generation
  13. Energy generation
  14. Electricity generation
  15. Ash generation
  16. And many more!

Here are some key users of this highly effective power:

  1. Squall Leonhart (Final Fantasy VIII)
  2. Skakdi (Bionicle)
  3. Witches (The Secret Circle)
  4. Logia Devil Fruit users (One Piece)
  5. Toa (Bionicle)

Another very powerful tool of the many geokinesis techniques that exist for the avid Earth bender is that of Earth Swimming. This power allows one to literally swim through the Earth effortlessly, as if it were through water. This is sometimes referred to being called elemental swimming or burrowing as well.

Subterranean swimming, elemental swimming, air swimming, speed swimming, and burrowing are all available geokinesis techniques for the Earth bender to manipulate. This can cause serious problems for their opponent!

Here are some popular users of these geokinesis techniques:

  1. Swimming cats (Earthbound beginnings)
  2. Terrafin (Skylanders)
  3. Virgo (Fairy tail)
  4. Sand Rippers (Ben 10)
  5. Duke Everlue (Fairy tail)
  6. Beings that can Earth Glide (Advanced dungeons and dragons)

Geokinetic surfing is another very popular skill. It can be seen by Toph Beifong in Avatar: The Last Airbender movie. This skill consists of manipulating the Earth to be able to maneuver it to your advantage. This is also called terrakinetic surfing, Earth surfing, and geo-surf.

Some known users of these geokinesis techniques are Aang and Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender, Terrax from Marvel, Geo-Force from DC Comics, and several more.

So how does geokinetic surfing actually work? Well, imagine being able to use a boulder as a catalyst to maneuver you anywhere on Earth that you desire. No need for a vehicle or a plane to get you where you need to go. You could literally ride a tree to you destination if you so wished.

Some applications of these geokinesis techniques are sliding, geokinetic flight, enhanced jump by using the earth as a sort of trampoline, enhanced speed by using the Earth to help you generate it, and so on. With such diversity within this skill, you can see as to why it is seen throughout so many comics and movies alike.

So, there you have it. These are some of the key geokinesis techniques that can easily be seen in various movies and cartoons. These geokinesis techniques can be incredibly potent when used against their opponent. They can also be extremely convinient for the Earth bender as well.


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