Geokinesis Training and Techniques

geokinesis training
geokinesis training

Geokinesis, or Earth bending as it’s also referred to as is psychokinetic ability of controlling the ground that makes up the earth. Even though that geokinesis training has never been scientifically proven to be true, it is still believed by many people around the world today. Such an otherworldly skill has been the focal point for many comic superheros and villains alike, such as…

  • David Haller (Marvel Comics)
  • Skaar (Marvel Comics)
  • Thor Odinson (Marvel Comics)
  • Magma (Marvel Comics)
  • Terra (DC Comics)
  • Geo-Force (DC Comics)

Geokinesis training techniques

There are in fact many different types of geokinesis training techniques that exist. Here are some of the most notable ones to give you an idea of just how many geokinesis training techniques exist:

  • Terraportation
  • Petrification
  • Ground Rupturing
  • Geokinetic Invisibility
  • Earth Portal Creation
  • Earth Empowerment
  • Earth Aura
  • Burying
  • Unearth
  • Seismic Sense
  • Healing Earth
  • Geokinetic Regeneration
  • Geokinetic Combat
  • Earth Mimicry
  • Earth Communication
  • And more…

The mere definition of geokinesis alone probably doesn’t make one think of just how many techniques exist out there. Fortunately for the sake of “record keeping”, many different comics throughout the years show of how these techniques can be implemented in action. From avalanches, earthquakes, mudslides, and even quicksand, Earth benders are known to be able to manipulate any and all things made up of Earth’s natural materials.

Here are some other ways to use geokinesis training techniques…

Manipulating the shape via compression, efficacy manipulation (e.g. density, hardness, sharpness, etc.), polishing, and repairing are also in play for the Earth bender. Earth swimming, limited gravity manipulation, ground liquification, and limited magnetic manipulation are other noteworthy geokinesis techniques.

Basically anything that you can possible think of that can be manipulated on Earth is well withing the grasp of geokinesis pro’s. Even tectonic plate manipulation! Destroying buildings, walls, barriers, moving mountains, etc. are all enjoyed activities of the Earth bender.

To give you an idea of how geokinesis is used in the movies, take NBC’s science fiction drama series Heroes for example. The fictional character Samuel Sullivan, played by the famous Robert Knepper, uses geokinesis throughout the show. He is able to effortlessly level buildings to mere rubble with his thought alone.

Earth benders can manipulate the actual composition of natural materials. They can turn mountains to lakes, boulders to dust, and so on.

Let’s go over one of the most popular tools for Earth benders: Earth generation. Earth generation or creation truly gives them “god-like” powers. To have the ability to manifest atoms, Earth (land) atoms that is, truly takes the idea of geokinesis to another level. This type of skill is sometimes referred to as geogenesis. Here are some examples of geogenesis:

  • Sand generation
  • Water generation
  • Lava generation
  • Crystal generation
  • Elemental generation

Here are some known users of geogenesis:

  • Toa of Earth (Bionicle)
  • Rock and Ground Pokemon
  • Sandman (Marvel Comics)
  • Tremor (Mortal Combat X)
  • Dust (Marvel Comics)

So, there you have it. These are the key training techniques that are used by the legendary Earth benders. From popular TV shows, movies, and comics, Earth benders are all over the place.

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