Learn Geokinesis Tectonic Plate Manipulation

learn geokinesis
learn geokinesis

Learn geokinesis tectonic plate manipulation here with these key skills that the elite geokinesis masters have utilized. Tectonic plate manipulation is just that, the ability to shift entire continents and land masses to any destination the user so desires. To learn geokinesis skills such as this incredibly Earth shattering one would mean imminent danger to your adversary in a matter of mere seconds. This geokinesis technique is also called tectokinesis. If the geokinesis user so wishes, they can cause immense disorder to any society as well as rip apart cities and areas to pieces.

Some of the known applications of tectonic plate manipulation are terrain manipulation, matter surfing, earthquake manipulation, eruption inducement, tidal wave generation, and ground liquification to name a few.

Talk about a dooms day from hell! The user who can learn gokinesis tectonic plate manipulation can literally crack the Earth from beneath their opponent, leaving them trapped deep in the Earth’s crust. Volcanic eruption inducement may not seem like that big of a deal until you remember that those who learn geokinesis and can apply it are also able to generate land as well. So, an individual with geokinesis abilities can not only induce the eruption of volcano’s, but also manifest them from the land as well.

Tidal wave inducement is another pretty potent geokinesis technique that can mean trouble for their opponent. Especially due to the fact that the user can generate such a tidal wave to be as tall and wide as they choose it to be. So, a 400 foot tidal wave would not be out of the ordinary for such a manipulator of the Earth.

However, there are in fact some key limitations to this geokinesis skill that may even leave the user unable to use their ability at all. This is so due to the fact that (depending on the powers of the user) they may only be able to manipulate tectonic plates when they are in a certain vicinity or radius of them. Depending on the planet and their location to its tectonic plates, it may render their geokinesis skill useless.

Another potential limitation, which also depends on the individual’s specific power, is that they may actually have to stand on the fault line itself. This would be a cercumstance where having a geokinesis skill that may in fact induce more harm than not. This would be so due to the fact that you would have to consciously and strategically choose the geographical area of your battle ground. This can easily become an issue of you happen to find your opponent spontaneously.

Nevertheless, with the ability to generate massive tidal waves, Earth shattering earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and entire continental shifts, anyone in a confrontation with a tectonic plate manipulator may want to rethink their quarrel. Unless you wouldn’t mind drifting across the planet to another geographical region. Those who can learn geokinesis tectonic plate manipulation have a pretty dangerous skill under their belt that can greatly help to protect them and anyone else they choose from potential adversaries.


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